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Pietro Aman decorative flourish La Chanson Du Chien

Watching the late flowers below

shatter themselves upon themselves,

the woman in the loft casement

shifts to straighten her neck,

as to let hair wrath upon her cheek;

        her spine,

as to let the day upon

        her bosom know to compliment.

I speak of will. This is no manner

fully arbitrary: biting rot upon

her fingers, she watches men below

shatter themselves upon themselves

for women less full than she,

        and would listen of herself:

“she is so beautiful

         in this thoughtfulness!

Tel douleur importante,

        que c’est beau;

what ingenuity, this fine girl!”

And she, shifting again, would compose

        verse for their attentions,

the late flowers in decline, the soft maples

        moving like Chinese dragons;

tel douleur importante,

biting her nails in the window,

        and I speak of a woman’s will,

        the soft maples moving.

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Pietro Aman is a twenty-year-old American of foreign birth. He belongs to the Modernist school of literature. He highly regards the work of Ezra Pound, Homer, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, T. S. Eliot, Flaubert, James Joyce, and Tolstoi. Mr. Aman is currently composing a manuscript of poetry and, when not writing, spends time reading the Greek poets and studying such things as ancient history and male/female psychology. He lives with his wife in northern America, though they both long for the city. His father is dead and his mother lives with a dying man.