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Pietro Aman decorative flourish Pierre-Auguste

What man could create such impressions as a young girl’s

idle character and not have had his weaknesses recognized?

I do not know any of the sort who have not watched

the good summer out in solitude, or sauntered heavy

along a dark water’s edge; I too would have sought

the love of such girls. And he is dead, the artist, anyway.

The girls of his terrace day are likewise gone, their faces once

so well-received; this is no matter. I see them also in my time.

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Pietro Aman is a twenty-year-old American of foreign birth. He belongs to the Modernist school of literature. He highly regards the work of Ezra Pound, Homer, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, T. S. Eliot, Flaubert, James Joyce, and Tolstoi. Mr. Aman is currently composing a manuscript of poetry and, when not writing, spends time reading the Greek poets and studying such things as ancient history and male/female psychology. He lives with his wife in northern America, though they both long for the city. His father is dead and his mother lives with a dying man.